Summer's Here and the Time is Right!

Thu, 2017-05-25 02:11 -- Tony
Crowd Photo

Summer will be in full swing for Standing Hampton as the group fires up this Memorial Day weekend. We currently have around 25 outdoor gigs lined up across Iowa and we’ll be bringing the rock to you with a great new batch of classic tunes from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. We’re excited to introduce the newest member of the group - vocalist, Gabe Brown, a Marion Iowa native who appeared on American Idol Season 12. You can check out his audition at this Youtube site: He’ll be bringing a tougher edge to our sets as we’ve added a classic Led Zeppelin medley, the AC/DC rocker “TNT”, the Boss Springsteen’s greatest hit “Born to Run”, and the iconic Who anthem “Baba ORiley” (better known as “Teenage Wasteland”). Gabe is also stellar on 90’s rock tunes that we’ll be throwing at you in the near future. He’s a blast to watch onstage and just an all around good chap. Exciting stuff!
Our lead singer Nancy Benson will be rocking an Alanis Morissette cover of the Seal classic “Crazy”, and flexing her pipes on the fan favorite stadium anthems “Separate Ways” by Journey, and Boston’s “Foreplay/Longtime”. She’ll also be belting out some Doobie Brothers (medley), the always fashionable Beatles “Drive my Car”, and the ubiquitous “Dancin’ in the Streets” which appear in our infamous “Cowbell Medley” 2.0. Did I mention she’ll be rockin’ the keytar too?
And there’s more! We’re also throwing in some rewired Grand Funk, Mountain, Fleetwood Mac, and Little River Band, to bring you a tasty mix of tunes that’s sure to move you. Plus we’ll be hosting special guests Stacy Peterson and Devon Miller throughout the season, so mark your calendars now.
Standing Hampton - “Famous for Rock” is now 17 years strong and still delivering the music you love. Make sure you check out the web link for the location of your next summer party :