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Another Milestone, and many thanks!

Wed, 2019-10-02 03:25 -- Tony

Standing Hampton just celebrated twenty-one years as a band! We played our first gig in January of 2000, and never in a million years did we ever think we'd still be going strong, so many years later. We owe everything to you, our fans, and the unshakable support you've shown us over these many years. THANK YOU! Thanks for supporting live music. Thanks for always making us feel welcome. Thanks for coming out and dancing your butts off, and thanks for all the love and friendship you've shown us!

2020 didn't turn out like anyone would have wanted. We couldn't have imagined the sacrifice and heartache the whole world would endure. We will keep the memories of those we lost close to heart, and celebrate their lives by living ours more fully and with more kindness and humility. We've still got a ways to go, but we can and will get through this together. Be smart, protect those around you, and stay safe.

We have faith that 2021 will let us breath a collective sigh of relief. We're planning on having some great times, and we hope you can join us for the ride!