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Bassist Kevin Morgan Joins Standing Hampton!

Fri, 2021-03-19 02:48 -- Tony

Standing Hampton is excited to announce the addition of bassist / vocalist Kevin Morgan to the lineup. Kevin is a Des Moines native, who now resides near Williamsburg with his family. As many of our fans are aware, in our 21 year history we have lost more than one bass player to spontaneous combustion, bizarre gardening accidents, and alien abduction. Therefore, we’ll be taking extra precautions (like placing fire extinguishers on stage) to ensure Kevin doesn’t fall prey to any of these tragic circumstances. But seriously - we’re very stoked to begin the 2021 gigs season with this talented guy, who has most recently been performing with his father Russ - an Iowa Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee! Check out the Standing Hampton schedule for upcoming shows, come out, and cheer him on. Hope to see you soon! We've missed partying with you!